Healthy Projects is a consultancy service that can assist you to deliver awesome projects, develop a clear strategic direction and be informed.



Healthy Projects is driven by Dan Bennett, a strategic thinker and a change agent. Dan has solid experience in facilitating groups and devising strategy for the private and not-for-profit sectors.


Dan is versatile and adaptable. His key strength is an ability to visualise better ways of operating and to get everyone pulling in the same direction. His skill in building a common vision and translating that vision into a reality is a strength.


Healthy Projects’ mission is to deliver exceptional value, remain innovative, be informed and to learn from others. We believe that well functioning teams and the right information are the keys to staying on top. We also know that innovation is fundamental to success.


Healthy Projects has got its thinking cap on and sleeves rolled up. We’re ready to do business and we’re confident of doing a great job and shaking up the place in the process. We’re based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. For the right job we’re willing to travel.


Contact us – we’re switched on and surprisingly affordable.